Community Empowerment Through Crochet

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet continues to foster community empowerment with the hosting of the “4Ps Pattern” workshop, which brought together handcrafters from around Barbados to discuss and develop strategies focused on creating a customized marketing mix for crochet. The meeting, which saw the participation of over 25 women, on Saturday, 23 September emphasized entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, and community.

The training bridged the gap between creativity and business acumen, helping artisans recognize their creative talents as a viable source of income supported by a strong foundation in business principles. It enabled participants to understand their target audience, price their products competitively, promote their work, and choose the right sales channels.

Workshop Facilitator, Nikisha Toppin explained “In a world where online presence and branding are paramount, this knowledge is essential for crocheters to showcase their artistry, expand their customer base, and turn their passion into a sustainable source of income.”

Workshop participant and teacher Roxanne DeRoche commented “I learnt about the 4Ps of marketing and really liked the demonstration aspect of the training. I am looking forward to other workshops where we can learn about how to display crochet work.”

Attendees were provided with handouts, crochet patterns, and yarn allowing participants to revisit and reinforce what lessons taught. The creation of personal inspiration boards will also serve as a visual diary of to motivate artisans. Participants found the crochet workshop to be enjoyable, informative, and well-presented. They appreciated the opportunity to learn basic stitching and pricing, as well as the chance to interact with others in the group.

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet is committed to fostering a sense of community by organizing collaborative crochet projects where participants work together. The crochet community serves as a support network, connecting women, sharing knowledge, and encouraging a sense of solidarity. Through initiatives like “Crochet School is Cool”, the social enterprise is offering a flexible and accessible avenue for women to transform their creative talents into sustainable income streams

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