Crochet School is Cool


Crochet School is Cool is designed to facilitate the development of business skills in a culturally relevant way. The themes and topics as dealt within the course focus on assisting the trainee with managing in a changing global environment. Business plan and marketing plan development, as well as practical handicraft skills, help the participant to focus on understanding how to develop strategies relevant to their business success.

The course is held online over a 8 week period, one day per week for 2-hour periods.



Course Overview

  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Handicraft Skill Development (crochet and knitting)

Business Plan Development

Business Model Canvas

Canvassing Your Crochet guides the crochet artists through the process of drafting their business model canvas. In this session, crochet artists are given the tools to outline their value proposition, revenue model and list key partnerships for business success.

Business Strategy

Becoming BaeCrochetTT uses the business strategy of this successful crochet enterprise to guide crochet artists in developing their own strategy for business plan success.

Business Customisation and Specialisation

Fashioning Your Crochet guides crochet artists to developing a style that is distinct to their brand and skill. It gives crochet artists the opportunity to use their fashion style and their company’s vision to better express themselves in their craft.

Business Sustainability

Handicraft hand massage is a wellness focused session that guides crochet artists on the importance of maintaining healthy practices in their business activities.

Marketing Plan Development

4 Ps of Marketing

The 4Ps pattern shows crochet artists how to use the 4Ps of product, price, place and promotion to achieve a winning strategy in their marketing plan development. In this course, crochet artists are taught how to maintain product development, how to price items, now to market their services, and the best communication channels for marketing.

Instagram Marketing Part 1

Instacrochet provdes crochet artists with practical skills to develop a marketing strategy for the social media channel of instagram. Crochet artists are led through the different sub-channels of Instagram towards creating their own page.

Instagram Marketing Part 2

Sticking with Instagram Story guides crochet artists through this sub-feature of Instagram which can be used to increase engagement.

WhatsApp for Business Marketing

What’s Up with WhatsApp Business provdes crochet artists with practical skills to develop a marketing strategy for the social media channel of WhatsApp. Crochet artists are led through the different sub-channels of WhatsApp to maximise this media for direct marketing and customer relationship management.

Handicraft Skill Development

Sentro Knitting Machine

Crochet artists are provided with a sentro knitting machine to create a variety of handicrafted products. This session gives crochet artists practical tips on using the machine. The knitting machine increases production with speed and accuracy.

Beginner Crochet Kits

Crochet artists are provided with beginner crochet kits which include 2 crochet hooks, 2 balls of wool, 3 stitch markers, a measuring tape, scissors, and beginner patterns.

Getting Started

Crochet artists are taught to yarn over, make a chain, add chains, count chains and to chain loosely.

Basic Stitches

Crochet artists are taught the slip stitch, half double crochet, double crochet and treble crochet as well as the finishing off and weaving in ends method.

Crochet Projects

Crochet artists are given the patterns for a variety of products to begin their income generation.

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