Crochet Classes

Crochet hands, crochet thread

Do you want to learn to crochet? Here are some classes available to you! Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet has collated crochet classes available around the Caribbean. Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet is unable to endorse or recommend any one crochet teacher to you and advises you to pursue direct contact to obtain information on pricing and services available.


ARCA Creative Company

Location: Calvary Moravian Church

Contact Number: 1-246-232-8881

Girls Industrial Union

Location: Girls Industrial Union, Belleville

Day and Time: Wednesdays; 5:30pm

Period: 12 weeks

Contact Number: 1-246-426-6421 (call after 3:00pm)

Julie’s Crochet

Location: Sargeants Village, Christ Church

Day and Time: Wednesdays; 5:30pm

Period: 6 weeks

Contact Number: 1-246-824-8127

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