A Crafty Christmas in sweet, sweet Tobago

The Department of Community Development facilitated the hosting of “A Crafty Christmas”, a three hour workshop led by Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet on Monday 18th December 2023 from 9:00am -12:00pm at the Calder Hall Multipurpose Facility.  Attended by women, men and children, participants were able to learn the different type of crochet stitches, gain advice on running a crochet business, and build relationships with fellow handcrafters within the community.

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet Founder Nikisha Toppin thanked the Ministry for their support of the initiative, which is in its inaugural year for Tobago.

“We thank the Ministry for providing the facility to bring crochet artists together from around the island to not only learn business skill but to continue to practice their craft and grow in their skills.

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet Founder, Nikisha Toppin facilitates “A Crafty Christmas”

Mrs. Toppin also indicated that the “Crochet for a Cause: Christmas Celebration” at the Community Development Training Centre of the Ministry in St. Ann’s, Trinidad in December 2022.

The 18 crochet artists and enthusiasts in attendance provided positive feedback on the session, speaking to the high value and quality received during the presentations.

Hooked by Nella Owner, Shunella Wilkinson-Blake stated “Today’s session was amazing. What I liked was that I was able to interact with various crocheters on different levels and the information that was put across on the crochet therapy part where you have to fashion your own crochet, I really, really appreciated that.”

Hooked by Nella Owner Shunella Wilksonson-Blake teaching Abigail Burris during the workshop

Male participant Keshawn Smart said “It was very beginner friendly as well as being challenging enough for people who know how to crochet. I would definitely attend this again if it has another come to Tobago.

Workshops of this nature supplement the preservation of Tobago heritage through the use of handicraft such as the Department of Community Development, under the Division of Community Development, Youth Development and Sport, hosting of a Handicraft Training Programme in May 2022.

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet continues to empower crochet artists with the resources, skills and tools, to make their businesses more financially sustainable. This social enterprise which is a legacy of love to Elaine Doyle, who was a handicraft tutor with the Ministry looks forward to making even greater impact in 2024.

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