International Museums Day is celebrated with crochet

International Museums Day is a time for museums to reflect on their role in serving the public good, a role that’s more crucial than ever amidst the global challenges faced by Small Island Developing States.  As we navigate the complexities of sustainable living and climate change, the Barbados Museum & Historical Society (BMHS) is excited to partner with Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet for the “Crochet for a Cause: Ridge to Reef” project, continuing our commitment to sustainability and well-being as we promote this year’s theme of Museums for Education and Research.

“This Sustainable Museum’s Project Launch which sees the Museum engaging in, and promoting, a series of sustainable community projects through a proposal developed by Jodie Howell, a student engaged in our fledgling Museum Youth Climate Action Hub is also the first event in what we expect to be a series of continuing activities which benefits our Barbadian Communities” notes Kaye Hall, BMHS Education and Community Outreach Officer. “Jodie was the winner of last year’s sustainable museums challenge and we are very happy that she is now actively engaged in working with the museum on developing sustainable community centered projects which benefit our various museum communities – she has lit the first match in what I hope will be a bonfire of sustainable activity with the museum fueling and supporting awareness, education and research which will provide ongoing benefits for our small island developing state”.

Kaye Hall, BMHS Education and Community Outreach Officer and launch attendees view replicas from the exhibit

The creative “Crochet for a Cause: Ridge to Reef” project managed by Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet through the Barbados Youth Business Trust uses the art form of crochet to spotlight the opportunities available with renewable energy, while educating participants on environmental issues such as marine pollution and coral reef degradation. The project is administered under the Community Empowerment and Environmental Partnership Global Environment Facility (GEF) Small Grants Programme (SGP) United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in partnership with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment, and Ministry of Environment and National Beautification, Green and Blue Economy.

“We thank the Barbados Museum and Historical Society for the opportunity to partner on their Sustainable Museums Project and look forward to continuing community empowerment activities that enable the museum to be a place for educational development and social change.” Nikisha Toppin shared.

Nikisha Toppin presenting at the Sustainable Museums Launch

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet is a social enterprise that empowers handcrafters to make their businesses more financially sustainable. A legacy and tribute to Elaine Doyle, a handicraft tutor from Trinidad and Tobago, Elaine’s provides business and marketing plan services, conducts educational classes, and completes developmental projects.


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