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  • $10.00

    30 minute coaching sessions starting at $10 USD

    Every business needs a plan! Your handicraft business is no different. Let’s create a beautiful one that will get you to the next stage in your company’s development!

    In this session, we review your current company profile and determine the best plan for moving forward.

  • Elaine's Caribbean Crochet Scarves

    Scarves for when you go foreign

  • $1.00

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  • $25.00

    Granny Square Double Stitch USD25/yr

     Access to Crochet Patterns
     Feature Friday
     Business Plan Development
     Social Media Marketing Services
     Webinar Wednesday
     Access to Raw Materials
     Access to Resources (webinar recordings

  • Elaine's Caribbean Crochet Bags

    Beautiful bags of varying patterns, colours, shapes, sizes and types