October Opportunities

Caribbean Crochet-Handicraft Hand Massage Webinar banner

Elaine’s Caribbean Crochet hosted “Hand Massage for Your Handicraft” giving crochet artists the opportunity to learn about self-care during this Wednesday Webinar activity for October.

I really appreciate the information shared this evening, especially when Mr. Andrews was able to recommend what I can do to relieve the pain in my index finger and elbow. The massage exercises I will definitely use as a daily routine before and after crochet and doing my other crafts.

Hand Massage for Your Handicraft attendee

Master Therapist Steve Andrews provided an introduction to touch, body mechanics and the relationships between muscles and massage.

Tonight’s session was very useful, Steve showed some simple massage techniques that I can use to relieve some tension while I crochet.

Hand Massage for Your Handicraft attendee

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